Technical Beta Phase 1 is a go!

Hello everyone!

Phase 1 of the technical Beta started yesterday evening and will be up until October 25th. This news will give you the steps to follow so you can participate to the P1 T-Beta, we also added a few more content to the previously announced content to make it even nicer.

How to install the Beta

You are now able to access the T-Beta P1 if you follow these steps:

1. Go to your Library and right click on Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem to choose the “Properties” menu.


2. Choose the Beta tab on your menu, and select the Beta branch.


3. There is no code, just close the window. The P1 T-Beta will then automatically download!

If the BETAS submenu doesn’t appear, you may need to restart Steam first!

Once your friends are added in your friend list, you can invite them in your group and join a game together by pressing “Play” when the group is ready. You can have a maximum of 4 players in the same group.


Finally, we’re still working on a chat integration, so you will not be able to communicate with your friends in game.

Important known issue:

Unfortunately, some issues slipped into the technical beta 1 build. You can find a list of the known issues here: [link incoming]

One of those issues will cause your game creation to fail from time to time, displaying the following error “Your game couldn’t be created, please try again later.”. However, you should be able to press the “Play” button again and ask for another game creation until it succeeds and you join the game.


All skills will be available for your character when you enter the game, you just have to go in your skill tree to find them, and drag and drop them on your action bar.


We wanted to add more diversity for the bowmen as well. Therefore, we decided to add another skill for this phase to allow you to enjoy a bit more the bow gameplay.

Phantom Blades(previously Bladeslinger) has been totally revamped.


You already had the opportunity to see it on the Beta gameplay preview, here is what it looks like with some AST customization!


We also added a few uniques, one per archetype, so you will have cool items to crush your foes even more efficiently.


9 gem types will be available for this version and got a revamp. They will change in the future to allow you different elemental combinations.


This phase 1 will be very important to us since it’s the first time that we implement Multiplayer for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Your feedback will allow us to fix major issues and prepare for phase 2. During this phase, we plan to implement more weapons, skills, and enemies, so you can have a new experience while you’re testing the game.
Pistols, daggers, and shields will be back!

We will tell you more in the upcoming weeks about this phase and its content.

Have fun and thank you for your patience!

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Community websites:
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