Update 0.4.1 : New spells, new shields, force-move and more !

Hi everyone !

While the team is heavily focused on building the world and quests for update 0.5, work has continued toward improving other aspects of the game.
This update adds new spells and items to the game, and adds the highly requested force-move key !

Use Conflagration to ignite your foes by throwing fire from the tips of your fingers. You can even use both hands !
Thunderbolt will throw electric orbs that will damage anyone who stands in their path. With the right upgrade, they can fire electric arcs and even explode !
Holy Dive makes a return and now inflicts sacred damage. Fall from the skies and smite your enemies at the landing point !
Disruption also makes a comeback with its own modifiers. Use your powers to plant umbral bombs that will detonate after a few seconds !

We’ve also added a new combo for shielded combat, and to go with that ten new shields can now drop from monsters. This only the first pass at shielded combat, as we are working on shield-specific skills with unique mechanics that will boost survivability while offering offensive options for players.

You can find all the various fixes and tweaks added by update 0.4.1 in the changelog below. As for us, we’re continuing work on update 0.5. Have fun !

Changelog :



Holy Dive


Arrows Rain

Rain of Fire

Fire Ball

Brutal Strike


Seismic Rift

Umbral Blast

Lightning Strike






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