Update Arena mode, defense, protection and more!


Hi everyone!
The team has been busy developing and implementing many cool gameplay features during the last few weeks and some of those are now making their way into the game, trough update!

First, the arena mode has been added. You can test your skill in the arena in Dhur at any time, but we recommend starting with a level 15 character. Once in the arena lobby, you can choose from one of two arena modes: classic, which is a mix of specific challenges with various rules and completion goals, or infinite arenas, which consists of cycles of ten randomly generated waves of monsters.


The second major feature is player Defense and monster Protection. We’ve talk about those in a previous post, the only change being the name of the mechanic for monsters.

There are many other changes under the hood, including the player navmesh, which allows player characters to automatically navigate between monsters in a fluid manner. We also added a new music track that plays in Amarth and Dhur. Don’t forget to turn the music volume up!
We’re also introducing lens flares to the game. This features brings visual quality overall without affecting the performance. This is a first iteration of the feature, and it will be improved over time. We are pretty sure many of you will like it, but but for those who don’t, it can be disabled in the game settings.
You can now cancel points spent in the PST by re-clicking the nodes as long as you have not confirmed the attribution yet and it doesn’t create separate sub-trees. It addition to this, a few tweaks have been brought to the PST for a smoother experience and in prevision of future rings.
Loot text is now smoothly animated on-screen, for a more satisfying monster-splaying experience.

Finally, let’s not forget the screenshot of week, featuring a new set of armor that will soon be added to the game.

You can read the complete changelog below:

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