Wolcen: Arise - Patch


Hello Everyone,

After Bloodstorm and Bloodstorm: Part II, Wolcen: Arise is the third content patch for Chronicle1: Bloodtrail.

This content patch brings:

  • The Summons Revamp,
  • New environments,
  • New skills’ damage type variations,
  • A New Cosmetic Armor,
  • Quality of Life improvements,
  • Bug fixing,

We worked on massive changes to how summons look, behave, and feel.

If you want more details on what we planned for our next content patches, feel free to check our June’s Monthly Development Update.

Here are the full Patch Notes for Wolcen: Arise.

Thank you again for your support.

Summons Revamp.png

  • Complete cosmetic revamp - Models, animations and visual effects entirely redone for all the summons and every damage type variant.

Feeding Swarm:

FS fondu test.gif

Hunting Swarm:

HS fondu.gif

Livor Mortis:

LM fondu.gif

  • Auto-respawn

As long as the skill is equipped, your summons will respawn automatically every 2 seconds for Feeding Swarm and Hunting Swarm, and 5 seconds for Livor Mortis, until you have your maximum number of summons alive.

auto respawn

  • Teleportation

Pressing a summon’s keybind now causes all your associated summons to teleport and launch a coordinated attack at the cursor’s location.

Feeding Swarm:

FS teleport.gif

Hunting Swarm:

Wolcen  Lords of Mayhem 2021.07.07 - TP demo 1.gif

  • Summons’ power now scale with your character

Summons dealing Physical, Rend or Toxic damage will gain bonus damage from your %material damage. If you change their damage type to Frost, Fire or Lightning, they will benefit from your %elemental damage, and so on.

Hunting Swarm summons now benefit from your additional projectiles, your %projectile damage…

Note : Scaling being a matter of balancing, we will use your feedback on the current state of the summons in order to fine-tune how they scale with which affixes, thus, we will keep working on balancing the summons in the upcoming content patches. To help you theorycraft and make relevant builds, here is a list of what the summons do currently scale with.

  • Weapon Damage
  • Total Attributes Bonus Damage
  • Ailment Damage
  • Skill’s Flat Damage (Gems, XX damage on spells..)
  • Skill’s %Damage (%damage, %spell damage, %projectile damage…)
  • Skill’s %Damage Type (%material/elemental/occult damage)
  • Projectile Count

  • Tooltip and damage clarification

The average damage of your summons now appears on the skills’ tooltips. Every Modifier has been clarified to indicate the % of increased damage it gives.

It is also now possible to toggle on and off the summon’s damage on screen.

It is also now possible to toggle on and off the summon’s damage on screen.


  • Infested Bog


  • Aberrant Marsh


New cosmetic Armor

  • The Lunar Armor is now available in Stormfall Palace through the “Mirrormaid’ project.

Female Amor:


Male Amor:


Damage Type Variations.png

  • Wailing Arrows can now be converted to Sacred damage
  • Anvil’s Woe can now be converted to Aether damage
  • Slayer’s Flurry can now be converted to Aether damage


  • Summons can no longer block the character’s path.
  • Feeding Swarm and Hunting swarm’s icons in the skills bar now display the damage type variant of the skills
  • The maximum combat radius for Summons has been increased from 25m to 40m.
  • Summons damage and health bars can now be displayed on screen.

Added in patch

  • Health, Rage and Willpower potions can now be used at any time without delay and without breaking an on-going channeling skill.
  • Havar and Mohabi’s items now scale up to the maximum expedition level unlocked.
  • The items obtained as rewards for completing the “Seekers Garrison" and “Stormfall Trade Assembly” projects in Stormfall Palace now scale up to the maximum expedition level unlocked.
  • Clarified and added values to almost every modifier for Feeding Swarm, Hunting Swarm, Livor Mortis and Parasite, both in the tooltips and skill panels.

Bug Fixing.png

  • Fixed an issue where the Rabiaphages would sometimes not fire when aiming the player.
  • Fixed an issue where the unique monster “Queen Amadalah” could be found too frequently.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects would not match the type of damage dealt by the bombs from the “Sappers” ennemies.
  • Fixed an issue where a grey texture could be seen inside the barrels found in the narrative mission “The Only Lead”
  • Fixed an issue here Summons health would be scaled down from level 44 to 68.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Aspect of Dawn" second skill "Hammer of the Aurora" recast would sometimes deal no damage.
  • Fixed several tiles and NavMesh issues on expeditions maps.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Harvester” monster would disappear abruptly at the end of its death animation.
  • Fixed an issue where no sound effects would be played on the explosion of the first skill of the Aspect of Infinity “Calamitous Paradox”
  • Fixed an issue where joining another player’s game would restock all the merchants.
  • Fixed an issue where no sound effects wound be played when using a damage type variant for “Wailing Arrow” while the Modifier “Aching Accuracy” was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to benefit from the increase in stats given by the attributes without confirming them.
  • Fixed an issue where the sword held by the “Corrupted Purifier” enemies would visually glitch out when taking damage.

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So, which one is it, then ? ;)

![different changelogs for 114](https://i.ibb.co/6nJhf0q/114-changelog.jpg "steam vs. wolcengame.com changelog")


€: img viewing did only work in text/formatting preview before posting it seems, so just c&p the link inside..

the specific item mods you've listed are the ones that summons now 'do' scale with, or 'do not' scale with ?

also, what about summons health points?
do they also scale somehow with certain item modifiers now?

you only mention their 'power' (as in damage output)
but there's nothing regarding their HP so far, so I guess there just isn't? :(

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