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Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago we introduced two of the five new skills brought with the next Content Patch: Warpath and ‘Avenger’ Autoturret.

It is now time to introduce the three remaining skills that will be added in the game! Keep in mind that everything we show you there is still a work in progress.


Gunslinger’s Brand is a new skill that allows you to mark targets and shoot them automatically once you have finished marking them or if you release the spell. Targets can be either monsters or locations and can be selected by a click. It offers a brand new experience with ranged weapon targeting and we can’t wait to have your feedback about the feeling of this skill.

Gunslinger’s brand requires a ranged weapon (bow/pistol) to be used.



Flak Handcannon

Add an explosive touch to your shots with this modifier.


Leave No Witnesses

This modifier allows you to choose more targets while using Gunslinger’s brand.



Whirlwind comes back with the next Content Patch and it’s now called Bladestorm! Target a location and cut your way through enemies on your path by using this skill.
Bladestorm is an Attack and can be used with melee weapons.


Voknafein’s Conviction

Make Bladestorm a channeled skill and control your character’s direction while using it by choosing this modifier.


Long Pommel

Improve the reach of your attack by choosing this modifier.



This is one of the latest skills we’ve started to work on. Wrath of Baäpheth allows you to substantially increase the range of melee attacks.
It can be used with melee weapons.


Taste for Vengeance

You will be able to add an additional AOE combo to the skill with this modifier.


More modifiers are planned for each of these skills and we will share them with you when we approach Wrath of Sarisel’s release.

As always, thank you for your support!

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Created: 10 months ago

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Created: 10 months ago

Finally, whirlwind!

Created: 10 months ago


Created: 9 months, 4 weeks ago


Created: 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Un truc que je ne comprends pas dans le choix que vous faites pour certaines compétences (ça ne touche que le coprs à corps), c'est de ne pas utilisé son arme et d'avoir une animation et un effet lumineux propre à la compétence avec l'arme que l'on porte, mais d'avoir des compétences qui ont comme animation une arme spéctrale prédéfinie. Genre colère de Baäpeth, ou bien même la compétence qui saute avec une lance (spectrale) et ou bien le coup de marteau (toujours spectral). Parce que même si les animations sont jolies, je trouve que ça ne colle pas, dans le ressentit d'un gameplay qu'on construit (lié quand même au choix de son arme), il y a quelque chose de dérangeant de ne pas lancer une compétence et de voir l'arme que l'on tient en main et que l'on a choisi attaquée. Et c'est encore plus dérangeant que ce ne sont même pas des sorts qui utilisent la ressource de magie. Donc, soit il s'agit de compétences "d'attaque" au corps à corps et donc celles ci utilisent la rage pour être utilisées ou en génèrent et l'animation se fait avec l'arme que l'on porte, soit il s'agit "de sorts" au corps à corps et celles ci utilisent de la ressource magique. De plus cela permet d'avoir plus de choix pour les builds mixtes magie/mélée, car depuis la beta les possibiltés à ce niveau ont été réduites, vu que pour lancer des sorts il faut absolument une arme ou accéssoire main gauche magique...(choix également discutable). Dans la même veine, les compétences qui sont clairement destinés à un arc (au vu de l'animation), mais que l'on peut utiliser avec un revolver. Et pareil pour la restriction de certaines coméptences, genre "arc" dague" "pistolet", alors que le personnage lance un shuriken ... pourquoi cette compétences n'est pas ouverte à tous les types d'armes ... bref le jeu est magnifique, les animations et effets sont cool, mais le théorycrafting n'est pas au rdv. Et pas seulement par rapport à ce que je viens d'énoncer.

Created: 9 months, 4 weeks ago


I see you answered to my negative Steam review, you wonderly asking what gave me the impression why you won't listen? like you would listen at all... like it,s in your nature to listen as Devs these days?... If you would listen you would have removed this bad game design decision.

Well...i told you about the cancer in this game are the revive tokens, get it out of the game, so simple it,s cancer it,s not fun it's your bad game design poorly executed.
This is the major issue that,s just WRONG with the game, you also don't have to revive it in another way, i want this gone..period!

The 2nd thing, mobs spawn behind you is just stupid when you're about to engage the next group you're getting swamped with mobs, oh great you died...
Oh wonderful, you only have 1 revive left... i wonder if i could make it.

Actually, as long as you remove the revive tokens, and let me die how many times i want to die... i don't care about all the other flaws this game has, i can live with the rest, but YOU deciding me how many times i have to complete a level is just ridiculous.
Why don't you start listening to the people who actually buy this game and respond to their feedback, if something is wrong with your game people will let you know... doesn't matter if it,s only 1 who says it or 1000 people.

I regret buying this game with that piece of cancer in it, i wonder if you would remove it, and this is why i said that Devs never listen on steam, if you did listen it was already removed.

Created: 9 months, 3 weeks ago


While it looks neat for Gun and Sword lovers, will there be any more spells for Mage?

Created: 8 months, 3 weeks ago

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