Children of Heimlock: Hotfix 1.1.2


  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed a lazy Stormfall guard doing nothing during the svriir event.
  • Fixed some Tpose NPCs
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to move awkwardly when holding ALT and clicking on the ground
  • Fixed an issue causing the Steam overlay to show up when it shouldn’t
  • Players will now be revived when on down state during a cutscene

  • Fixed soft-lock during the quest Meet the Purifiers
  • Fix dialog triggering
  • A balancing pass has been done on quest experience

Fixed incorrect screen resolution issue at game startup. This caused issues with the mouse cursor and should now be resolved.

  • Improved server performance

  • Val and Edric have attack vocals
  • Removed low bass frequencies in global equalization
  • Fixed pop in Relay chamber ambiance and boosted volume
  • Relay Chamber enneracts now have a 'release' sound
  • Relay Chamber dome shield has a sound
  • Palace music now loops second track
  • Bow projectiles have a 'miss' sound, impact sound has been boosted as a result
  • Fixed an issue causing the Svriir Grotto layer to disappear, which prevented players to move forward at the beginning of the game

  • Force Shield should now be working properly
  • Fixed the Alastor not playing his voice line at the start of the fight

  • Fixed a bug with staffs and catalysts that made the Shadow variants of Thunderstrike impossible to cast with them.
  • Fixed a bug causing Legacy of the Willbreaker allowing the cast of Sacred spells.

  • Fixed some of the Act Boss overpowered attacks
  • Fixed an issue where ghost enemies would block the player’s movement

  • Annihilation now passes through allies
  • Fixed an issue preventing Tears of Etheliel to explode when hitting the ground

  • Updated the German localization (Thank you CoTTo!)
  • Fix dialog localization issue
  • Fix Boss Fight quest localization issue

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Huzzah! Nice hotfix.

(Edited 4 years, 8 months ago)

Created: 4 years, 8 months ago

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