Children of Heimlock: Hotfix 1.1.3

Community translations: DE- FR- RU

Hello everyone!

We’re now applying a second hotfix for Content Patch 1: Children of Heimlock. Along with various crash and bug fixes, we wanted to give some love to the mages.

We’ve also temporarily deactivated the French localization, since having a partial localization was confusing for some players. The French localization will come back when it’s completed, we’re working as fast as we can to provide it to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support!


  • Some Willpower skills have been rebalanced and now deal more damage
  • Some Rage skills were rebalanced and deal more damage
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed memory allocation failed crash
  • Fixed crash when joining a friend
  • Fixed crash when a friend disconnects during a boss fight
  • Fix icon overlap on merchants
  • Added a new Windowed fullscreen display option in graphic settings to play full screen without the need to alt-tab

  • Fixed Mark of Impurity’s game volume.
  • Fixed frost explosion sound from stacking into super loud noise.
  • Fixed lightning arrows missing impact sound
  • Added arrows detailed 'hit' and 'miss' (hit environment) sounds
  • Improved cutscenes with new FX and a better sound mix
  • Gameplay audio mix is improved across the board (Skills, Environment, Music, Dialogue, Ranged etc)
  • Heimlock's theme music is now added when you talk to him
  • Fixed some awkward dialogue timing in Flayer's Outpost

  • Improved rendering in Flayer’s outpost
  • Fixed enemies crossing the invisible bone bridge
  • Fixed a non blocked path in the farmstead
  • Removed a wild Edric in the Brotherhood ravaged camp

  • Status Ailments damage now scale correctly with the amount of stacks inflicted to the enemies
  • Ailments now deal more damage
  • Fixed Mark of Impurity “Defect of Creation” variant damage bonus to status ailments
  • All quest rewarded items have been updated

  • Fix a double Boss for few seconds during a cinematic
  • Candidate fix for the player falling into the ground during the boss fight
  • Fixed Fire areas not appearing during Sirkis’ fight
  • Fixed a few invisible VFX during Yudaï’s fight
  • Increased Health Points of Deteron
  • Increased Health Points of Yudaï
  • Increased Health Points of Naarlog
  • Increased Health Points of the Alastor

  • Willpower cost for all Willpower skills have been reduced.
  • Increased damage for Stings of Krearion
  • Increased damage for Arrows Wail
  • Increased damage for Bleeding Edge
  • Increased damage for Tear of Etheliel
  • Increased damage for Thunderstrike
  • Increased damage for Consuming Embers
  • Increased damage for Arctic Spear
  • Increased damage for Annihilation

  • Updated the German localization (Thanks again CoTTo!)
  • Removed partial French localization. We will reimplement the complete French version once it’s complete.
  • Minor improvements in English localization

Replies: 2

Created: 4 years, 9 months ago

Category: Announcements

hot damn, hot fix. Great work

Created: 4 years, 9 months ago

É uma satisfação enorme ver a equipe trabalhando bastante no jogo. Está saindo Patch de correção toda hora e isso é muito bom!

Estou muito animado com o jogo!!!! é sensacional.

It's a huge satisfaction to see the team working hard in the game. Corrections are coming out all the time and this is very good!

I'm very excited about the game !!!! That's awesome.

Created: 4 years, 9 months ago

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