Children of Heimlock: Hotfix 1.1.4

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  • The experience granted through Act I has been rebalanced to fit player’s challenges
  • The Expeditions' rewards have been reviewed
  • Improved client & server CPU performances
  • Candidate-fix for items disappearing in stashes. Please let us know if you still encounter the issue and provide us with as much detail as you can.
  • French localization has been added. It's just a first pass so if you see anything odd, please tell us and we'll fix it.

  • Main title music now lowers volume and remains after hitting 'play'.
  • Continuation of sound mixing for music, environment, skills, enemy, player and cutscene audio.
  • Fixed a synchronization/delay problem with the Svriir grotto 'wake up' scene.
  • Fixed a flock of Noxious Swarmwing’s spawning being very loud and unnatural sounding.
  • Re-balanced sound volume of Staff attacks.
  • Removed the loud default player damage thud sound from enemy arrow impacts and replaced with a new softer sound.
  • Story NPC dialogue shouted echo effects and balancing on specific lines.
  • Svriir food pouch "chest" now makes an appropriately disgusting opening sound.
  • Some environmental sound volumes re-balanced, such as waterfalls.
  • Distant enemy vocals are now a little more echoic and atmospheric.
  • Soul Spawn’s charge attack now has a sound travel with the ghost effect.
  • Fixed post-cutscene dialogue being late and cut-off in certain areas.
  • Fixed missing destructible barrel and crates sounds.

  • The ravaged Brotherhood camp is now bigger to allow a better narrative flow
  • Added a checkpoint in the Svriir lair to prevent players from getting stuck when they have to talk to Thunderblade Sandor
  • Fixed an issue preventing environments to appear when a party member is not in the same area than the host
  • Improve NPC dialog during the journey in the lower part of Stormfall
  • The Town Portal doesn’t display a wrong area name anymore

  • Improved Vheguaadh’s fight on the script side
  • Improved global dialog trigger
  • Fixed an issue preventing Edric and Yudai from shouting their dialog lines
  • Fixed and improved many dialogues delivery/timings

  • Slightly reduced damage dealt by weaklings
  • Corrected a bug with the Act Boss leading him to deal 4 times the damage he should do with the nuke attack during Phase 3
  • Fixed an issue preventing some AI to spawn in the Urhan Necropolis
  • Fixed VFX height for Näarlog (both dialog and gameplay)

  • Soldier of Fortune: Improved the rewards provided by the Expeditions
  • Soldier of Fortune: Summoned creatures' level is now correctly scaled in the Expeditions
  • The auto-attack option is now deactivated by default. You can reactivate it in the Gameplay Settings

  • Arctic spear’s Beauty of Hope variant now works properly with the unique item Quintet of Sundows.
  • Fixed a crash when casting Annihilation

  • Archion's Teachings now only reduce projectile damage instead of all damage
  • The Force Shield Regeneration granted by some passive nodes have been slightly increased.

  • Updated German localization (Thank you CoTTo!)
  • Fixed many English localization issues
  • Added French localization.

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