Wrath of Sarisel: Hotfix 1.2.5

Hello everyone,

Here is the patch note for today's hotfix, including Simplified Chinese localization back in the game, and updates for various localization along with some bug fixing!


  • Using right-click on a skill in the action bar opens the ASM details for selected skills.
  • Bows damage has been globally increased.


  • Characters should no longer be stuck under the ground after being grabbed by the Untainted Mindsealer or Untainted Zealot.
  • The Untainted Mindsealer selection capsule has been reduced.


  • Drinking potions now counts as a movement for all skills interruption.
  • Active Dodge now counts as a movement for all skills interruption.
  • All skills are now working properly with the Animation cancel feature. Performing a movement or an action counting as a movement will now interrupt the skills correctly.
  • Bladestorm responsiveness has been increased.
  • Wrath of Baäpheth “Stolen Light” node should now have the proper VFX for sacred damage.
  • Consuming Embers “Object of Desire” node should now affect allies properly.


  • Fixed an issue with the music state for Vhegguad boss fight.


  • Added Simplified Chinese localization thanks to Wshepherd(传说娘), Spendaem(夜紫尘) and MshKai(陌上花开).
  • German localization improvements thanks to CoTTo.
  • Russian localization has been updated thanks to Andrey "@lk0z@uru$" Chertkov, Tsyganova Olesya Viktorovna, and Evgeny "Autentist" Kuznetsov.
  • Updated missing strings for English localization.

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