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I fell through the map



so i was in expedition level 10 and got dragged by one of those fat chain mobs (front cone aoe of chains) and instead of pulling me toward the mob it dragged me below the ground. From there i fell to a nice grey and white chess board and was stuck :D


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Created: 1 Monat, 1 Woche her

Category: Bugs & issues

1 Monat, 1 Woche her

Calistaen [Wolcen Staff] Wolcen Official

Thank you for the report Manticore, we'll look into it :)

1 Monat, 1 Woche her


Hello, i had the same problem with the same mob, the chain pull made me fall from wooden bridges and be stuck on a rock or other parts of the "decoration". The chain pull seems to work through "walls" and the "boss" one can pull you from any direction making it impossible to dodge even if your behind him.

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