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Textures wont load in

  • Right at the start, when you first meet Valeria after you get out of the cave. You are supposed to walk along a ridge i think but the textures wont load in and when i try to move forward the character gets stuck and i have to restart the game. Tried making several new characters, change graphic settings but nothing is working.

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I am having this issue also. tried making new characters and starting over several times. messed with graphics settings and nothing works.

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I have the same problem, cant play its not fair

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I mus concur with the others, same problem. runs great right until you finish the cutscene. after that, the ground you are on is either elevated wayy too high, or the textures for the rest of the world are falling though. if you need any snapshots of what it looks like i can provide. hope this gets fixed as so far the campaign is fantastic.

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Also same Problem. if you jump from the cliff or go back into the light after cutscene - the game crashes. :(

2 Monate her

Calistaen [Wolcen Staff] Wolcen Official

We should have found a fix for this, it will be in the next hotfix we plan for today :) Thank you for your patience!

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