[] (Issue since 1.1.4.x) Trying to click a portal while Summons are in the way (Prio A/B)


As shown in the short clip below, trying to click a portal is pretty annoying when the Summons are "in the way". This is just bad interaction design. I do understand, that "being able to click the pets"are necessary for some skill modifiers / runes. However, having this interaction issue everywhere in the game instead for all other runes is bad.


Some (quick) possible solutions for this: (doing your job here)
- only enable "clicking the pets", when the rune / skill modifier is active
- the raycast from the mouse (to screen position) is obviously hitting the pet (which is rendered "behind" the portal) first, which is obviously wrong in render- and in checking order. i seriously cannot imagine, how that kinda stuff can go through your quality assurance team - especially when you were "totally reworking summons" from the ground up in 1.1.4.x ... Disappointing! you do not play the game you are working on!
- changing the (mouse) raycast behaviour to prioritize clicking portals instead of summons, which would be just changing a layer / layermask system. in todays engines (unity, unreal, and probably also cry engine) pretty easily done. would be a fix of less than a day of work.


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