After leaving Anankis, quest name changes to @ui_A1_Q5_512_StepNameLabel and cannot progress

Hello. I love the game so far but cannot progress now after beating Erick in Anankis. After beating Erick, I get placed on a platform where the Primeval Guardian talks to me and then vanishes. After he leaves, I am stuck on the platform with no exit or portal so I used the built in map-based teleporter to teleport to the first city. Once there, the quest title changed to @ui_A1_Q5_512_StepNameLabel and I have no quest description, just the title and I cannot find where to go now or progress.

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Created: 1 month ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

You finished the currently available quest content for the main story. "@ui_A1_Q5_512_StepNameLabel" is just a place holder for the name of the next step once game is released.

Content for now is going to be found with the 2 npc's that offer dungeon missions.

Created: 1 month ago

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