Are there any plans on fixing the inventory bug?

The old inventory bug still persists. It is the bug where items in inventory gets stuck. You can't move them to Stash, to any for of crafting or improvement, and you can't move them to another spot in the inventory.
The bug seems to occur more often in Wrath of Sarisel.

It seems it can only be fixed by exiting to desktop, and it is getting to a point where it is seriously affecting me wanting to even start up the game.

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Created: 1 year ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

Hi there!

The inventory issue is a top priority until it's resolved, however fixing it without breaking anything else is no small task :)

Created: 1 year ago

Hey Tyber,

i can relate, that this is no - small issue and has to be a Top Priority task. However, please consider re-sending this to the devs, as this is a bug, which was already there since beta (at least 2 years, most likely since 3 years ago). Having such an Priority A/S task still unfixed lets the team pretty much look unprofessional. If it is a bug within the engine and they need to contact the engine-devs for that / or need to wait until they fix it internally - would be pretty okay for a lot of the players, i assume. But having basically no confirmation / communication is just bad. Really unprofessional.

Created: 8 months, 1 week ago

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