BUG with active skill "Evasion".

Modifier "Slicing Dash" of active skill "Evasion" give -30%dmg instead of +30%dmg.

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Created: 1 year, 1 month ago

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I have the same issue. I dm'ed Tyber and he says he will get back to me in this regard. In addition to not providing the +30%, It seems to disregard the the elemental rune chosen and switch it back to shadow dmg, regardless of the rune you use. So I am not sure if it is truly a -30% it just doesn't take into account the chosen rune. I did not test with no rune which I might do shortly. However the wording is brief and I am not sure if slicing dash is worded as they intended. Yes as I suspected no rune you do get the 30% damage increase. So it isn't a true minus damage, somehow they don't adjust for the rune choice and increase the damage based upon that rune.



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Created: 1 year ago

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