Cannot Buy Back From Mohabi

After a very long play session, when Mohabi had ~1000 (I dunno it was a lot) items in the buyback tab, I accidentally sold the ring I was wearing (I right clicked on the equipped ring). It was something like +9-10 electric damage, +10% elemental damage, and slotted with a +10% lightning damage lapis lazuli gem (support II slot)... something like that.

When I scrolled down to find the ring in the buy back list, I couldn't click on it... in fact, none of the items in the buy back tab are clickable at all except the top ~20 items. I really needed that ring back for my level 70 character, but I didn't have enough gold cause I just spent it on my city construction. (like... I'd have to buy back every one of the 1000 items until the ring was near the top of the list, which would take forever)

Now the ring is gone and my build is a bit screwed. It's hard to keep going on the Level 80-something champion levels without a polished build.

I was quite pissed off at the time and had to cool down for a day. My bro recommended I post a bug here cause we both love this game.

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Created: 10 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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