Duplicate 2 button not working (i.e. cannot get a third skill)

To the point, I don't have a third golem or minion. When I talk with Demetra and scroll down to my desired skill (ex. golem) its stays grey and does not offer an option to duplicate it. I have 4 different skills now looking to duplicate for a 3rd time.

In some scenario's, after trying different buttons and skills. I go back to golem and just pressing duplicate button while on duplicate 2 screen.... it starts saying ~"Skill has already been unlocked". Then pressing duplicate 2 again changes back to doning nothings. There's no ui or visual like duplicate 1, when there was a cost.

My online character is 82 and progressing currently around 197; Golem skills are 90 and 88. I have plenty of gold and primal affinity (500k+ of both)

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Created: 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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