so as the title says. <love>!!!!!! how do u expect to grind and try out items when every time i play and find items and then when i come back items are GONE!!! <love>!!! It has been over years about this issues. and still not been fix. how we suppose to try and go further if items keeps disappearing. what's the point???? Please fix this stupid issue, before releasing any further patches and stuff.

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Created: 6 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues


We're continuously working on this issue to try and fix it. So far, it is impossible to reproduce it with 100% accuracy which makes fixing it more difficult. One player is helping us a lot with various testing around this issue and offers some advice to reduce the chance of having it. I suggest you take a look at this topic while we work on finding a way to fix it on our side.


Created: 6 months ago

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