In a level 60 expedition my prey hunt gives me a level 10 unique

So I was just doing a level 60 expedition and finished killing my prey from the hunt content and got a unique sorcery helmet but instead of being closer to my level it was level 10 which makes no sense for a level 60 expedition.

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Created: 1 year ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

The level 10 there refers to the player level required to wear it :) Uniques have reduced requirements, so you can use them on alts. The more important level to keep your eye on is the one in the top right, which is the true item level :)

Created: 1 year ago

ahhhh it just doesnt seem like an actual level 60 item though since my other helmet has way more force shielding than the unique i got

Created: 1 year ago

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