"Infinity Blades" + "Veiled Eclipse" + "Furious Appetite" = Functioning right or a bug ?

The current situation is this :
So when you use ''Veiled Eclipse (Unique Pants)'' + ''Infinity Blades'' (Mage skill Moded with the Rune that Makes it Shadow) + ''Furious Appetite'' (Gates of Fate Nod) - The skill ''Infinity blades'' Uses rage but it still regenerates ''Willpower''. Is this a bug or is it working normally. Because the ''Furious Appetite'' is supposed to make all you're will power generation and regeneration is transformed in to ''Rage'' generation and regeneration.
Since ''Infinity Blade'' is supposed to generate willpower but due to the nod ''Furious Appetite'' isn't it supposed to generate rage now ?
So is this functioning right or is a bug ?
Kind regard

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Created: 3 years, 8 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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