Lost My Inventory

I just wanted to swap gear on Character1 to Character2, i put my 40 hour farm cherished items in my stach, relog to Character2, and nothing in the stash.

I reloged on Character1, the guy is naked and nothing in the stash.

Come on i know it's beta, but still, wtf. All my hours of harsh farming gone on a bug ?


The game is really good, but fix those things or you will lose some players, and that's a shame because you're really nailed it. Big fan of your work.


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Created: 1 year ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

Hello Raiken,

This is a known issue on our side but unfortunately there is no way to reproduce it with 100% accuracy which makes it very difficult to resolve. There are some ways to avoid such massive loss of item, it's not really a friendly way to play and enjoy the game but in case you need to make such stuff transition from one character to another, you might be interested in minimizing the chances of encountering this issue. One of our players made a very complete post about it on Steam:


Created: 1 year ago

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