My Christmas wish list (Issues and suggestion, multi category)

* Off trajectory killed

It could be caused by latency in server connection, but lately (these couple of months) this issue is too freaking apparent, when the monster shows an attack trajectory player will move away from the attack range, players are supposed to be safe, but instead after avoiding the hit, players are killed? Why are you killing the fun in your game?

* Wall obstacle?

Can you just keep the wall down? When rolling away from the enemies in the indoor map the wall will often “make an appearance” before hiding itself. I can't see the enemy but I see my own silhouette, why not show the enemy silhouette as well or keep the wall down. It seems like the game is trying to hinder the player's sight. There are also some over hanging obstacle that hinders the view too.

* In-active dodge

Why is the active dodge not active? Why does the player have to wait until spell casting is completed to dodge? Why not just stop casting the spell and move on? This is making the game a horrible experience, unlike some fighting arcade games in which the player will actually have control on the skill they are using, one can cancel the skill midway. Hopefully this is not caused by server latency. Seem to be an extra way to kill off your player with penalty, I think I'm looking for a rewarding experience, not a penalizing one.

* Skill casting bug?

There are many instances when the spell is not cast but the cold down is activated, the skill without the cooldown is cast as normal instead. Case and point I’m using havoc orb and anomaly, the anomaly is nowhere on screen but the will power is deducted and the cooldown starts, and I can still use the rage for havoc orb.

* Cosmetic Issue

Could you remove the repeating Skin in the cosmetic menu? I understand it is the higher tier equipment, but why the same options twice? It's not like the dye is offering a different option to have fun with. Could you add a right click to reset dye in the cosmetic menu as well. I think I’m ready for glowing dye now, can I have them please? Also, can our gears get extra effects from socketed gems like our weapons? Can we overwrite the weapon effects for elemental base, (your current weapons could be added with fire damage, so it's glowing orange, but can I change the color following the gems that I sockets.) Can I have some slots to save my creation (that I can go back to) and maybe transfers to other players maybe?

By the way, what is the steam inventory in the cosmetic menu? Are they really so elusive and hard to get? I can't seem to see any (not even from the internet of all things.)

* More quality for life?

Can I have auto pick up and consume as a tick option? Like dye just picked up and added to the library, now we have to pick up, right click to find out if the color is in the library, gold, could we just picks it up as well, the pets are lacking too often, some drops are just feets away and they are not picking up. Right now the pet is not functioning much, maybe it can help sell the pickups or help in battle as a diversion? Or could some skill be used with the pet?

* An apocalyptic problem

Some features are still missing in the game too. The Apocalyptic form. Player don't have a way to practice the form, when a user is so familiar with the “normal form”, the Apocalyptic form don't seem to serve much purpose, it's not even like you can use it like how you normally play, I believe the original concept is the Apocalyptic form actually mimics your normal play and boost it to a boss level, but not really, it's actually useless except to revive party members, also the latency will still kill the player in primordial form, my character often end up transforming in to the Apocalyptic form in town as when it is transforming it's killed. Don't really make sense. I would suggest a better way to execute this is when the player is transformed the character stats will sort of be maintained, unlike my character with the speed of 9.1 ms after the transformation is like all speed is off, even the attacks are significantly tuned down. The character is totally different, not to mention the skills that I can use.

* Useful skill not

The skill modification is interesting but also not really useful, If we take a look at the skill we have now, mostly sorceress base (spells), and the others classes, is rather weak, Blood for blood is one of the useless skill, let's say a character scale up to 80 plus, challenging a map level 175. How fast or significant will the skill help? On low HP, players will either drink potions, leech life, or be killed by the enemy, so skill that works on low HP is not worth the recourse at all. This also applies to some of the passive notes that work with low HP or force shield (either you have none or it's regenerating ) these notes don't actually work with the game in higher level.

* Smarter A.I

Summons AI need an upgrade, they still can't tell if their trajectory is blocked by an obstacle and they are firing at the tomb in a dungeon, whereas the boss will find a path to you wherever you roll.

* Others suggestions

Is there any way to check the spell damage, and crit chance like normal attract, like an open panel so we can just read like our character sheet.

Could we have some party skills? Some sort of casting or summoning skills that can be done by 2 players or above? Right now almost only parasites sort of have this effect.

Can we have multi tag in the forum please?

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Created: 1 year, 7 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

Wall obstacle: yes
In-active dodge: also yes
Skill casting bug: THIS is really annoying
Gate of Fates: at least make some background art which makes each area distinguishable
Useful skills: it feels like a melee-only build is not possible/viable right now
2h vs 1h weapons: also feels like 2h is not useful vs two 1h

Created: 1 year, 7 months ago

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