I've encountered a bug, sometimes items labeled "null_umbra_item" drops and they're a bit buggy.

Item labels as they drop on the ground -->
Buggy behavior in bag -->

Also noticed how two "null_umbra_item" dropped? But only one item that behaves strangely in my video?
The other item was just not visible, turned up after relogging -->

The relog fixed both the items in this case, but other times it has not.

I have at times been able to vendor the item, that usually "fixes" the item and it'll become what it was suppose to be, once I got one of these "null_umbra_items", sold it to a vendor, turns out it was a legendary dagger and then I was able to buy it back and the item is no longer buggy!

This has only started happening the last few days.

Game version:

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Created: 1 year, 8 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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