Okay, so thats it for wolcen...

oh man, where to start where to end... kinda has become a gamekiller for me...
by all means, respect to the wolcen team, dont take it personal.

gamebreaking bugs
uff there are A LOT, i have played for almost 200 hours now and what i saw was pretty much insane...
-spawn out of map
-reward bugs
-forever taking black screen before joining a game. :(
-invisible in town and cannot move after rift.
-packet loss issues, skills dont get actived (not vissible in skillbar at the bottom. skills dont do what they should when in party game. example anomaly isnt pulling enemys in 4 player games. skills are not applying ailment.
-servers crashing frequently.
- i am not sure about this one, but what we experienced is when we have 50 mobs on screen as example, and everyone is hitting with ailments, the server just stops at a point, to a point where it totally crashes, or our ailments/skills are not applied or are not working as intended. the server is flooded way to easy.
- etc.....

all the issues that should be fixed with the latest patches, are still there.
finding group takes forever, like always and most of the time it puts you into a solo game...
if you find a group, its a lagging shitshow with 30fps on more than enough of capable computer.
servers are still BAD and nothing has changed...

skills! i dont what you guys thought about it. who wants to shout his warcry every 5-8 seconds ?
something about EVERY skill is wrong. some skills shout be castable while walking, like example your ,,warcry" or maybe blood for blood that gets annoying after casting it 300 times in a 3 minute run... BUT WHY??? ?
cast blood for blood, then warcry, then pull enemys, then do this, do this and then this, and at the very end, which is after 5 minutes you finally can do damage. MEH
after a while it gets really annoying, you cannot even makro, because then your character would hold still on one place for 10 seconds...
you cannot even pot while using whirlwind! logic ?

there is NO SYNERGY in the skills you can pick from. really NOTHING. am i the only one thinking that?
the only reason to take different type of skills is to get ailment stacks on enemys... the way its done is totally wrong in my opinion and gets annoying.
i personally dont want to push a button 200 times in a 3 minute run... who wants that? more important: whose idea was that?
there are so many combinations of skills i tried, saw here and there, tried my own skill combinations, and NOTHING give me a nice quick feeling of gameplay. its a hackn slay, but feels slow. its normal when its early game, but in the endgame... its still the same slow game as it was in the beginning.

the legenderys (red items).
those are just the yellow versions with 2 more stats. thats it, there you have your legenderys. how many leggy items do this game have? maybe 70-80, its a guess, but thats not much. compared to other games that have more than 300 sometimes even more than 500 legendery items.
the legenderys dont even feel legendery, they just have 2 more stats, nothing more nothing less. they even have the same name as the yellow item, thats really uncreative. gives me a feeling that the devs did not put much love and effort into the whole thing

the uniques (pink items).
some of them are really cool, 99,5% of them is useless. there is ,,mackfesten" which can be good for melee build because it gives you 30% more damage after casting a spell. it served me well.
and the other one is ,,the trial".
ALL the other unique items are totally useless...

yes, duping is still working, and completly destoys the games economy system (does it really have one at this point?)
trading is useless, until you fix this or else no one is going to trade items for some duped bullshit.

we all knew that we would become a unfinished game, but no one expected it with these bugs, issues, game breaking errors, communication errors, lack of features.

it was a nice ride, but in the end you guys dont have to wonder why you have 30% less players in 1 month, if you dont put some love into it right now, this game will be dead in the next 2 month.

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Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

I have 217 hours played and I'm tired of the bugs too and I have submitted a bug waaaaay back in early access and they just don't seem to care.

Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

be a homie and share the dupe method? :) for debugging purposes of course.

Created: 4 years, 2 months ago

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