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In the last patch note we can read this:
"Fixed an issue where the Critical Chance, Ailment Chance and Resistances in the character sheet would not reflect the actual values during expeditions despite being computed properly in-game."

Are you saying since day 1 we have stats malus in higher expedition??? Where is it written/explain ? What is the formula ? And how is it suppose to be good for gearing if we spent our time to see drop/up of our stats ?!
How can we have 60% crit in town and then less than 30% in expedition 217????For dodge it's even worse since it's suppose to help us to stay alive, 65% in town = 30% in 217...

I have almost 400h of Wolcen, farmed 187 less than a month after release and already farming 217. I honestly feel this fix weird and kind of buggy because for ailment chance espacially, we can clearly see the drop since this patch.
Are you sure this is what you always intended to and not a new bug introduce with this fix ?

I hope to see some help/answer about this because it feels really annoying to have been deceived all this time...

PS: ofc I'm talking about Online mode, never played Offline.

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It is not a bug, the intended behavior has always been the following :

- The higher the expedition level (compared to the character level) the higher the stats penalty is.

We noticed the character sheet didn't reflect that and fixed the issue so that it displays the actual values.

I understand it can seem weird, but it is just a way of balancing the difficulty curve, instead of simply buffing minions. It has its downsides and its perks, for example, if you already had 100% crit chance by using the Frostweave unique chest in 187, and then drop down to 90% on higher expedition levels, you still have the option of going for more crit to compensate that, whereas simply buffing the minions even more doesn't give the player a chance to adapt on that aspect since they were capped already.

Then end goal is that the difficulty curve can feel relevant, be it via the stats dropping or the enemies being stronger, at the end of the day the result is the same, it's the overall difficulty that counts, and that's what we're focused on improving overtime.


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Hi Yuzu,

First of all, thank you for your answer.
I can understand the idea of curving by applying malus on our stats sheet but there are 2 things bothering me deeply.
1- It's been more than a year that we play without knowing this (seems like people offline was used to but not people online. For exemple, even Binashole one of the top world player was arguing a month ago on reddit that this "drop down scaling" only apply offline). So it feels a bit odd and unfair to simply pop it like that without more explaination in game. For exemple, puting malus number in the windows of expedition side by side the boost in MF, productivity. Transparency in other words...
2- How are we suppose to counter this ? Maybe I wasn't paying attention in 187 (the sheet didn't showed it so hard to pay attention to something you don't even know exist...) but right now in 210+, you simply can't have "more stats". As far as I know, there are still only 6 affixes max on pieces. Having less crit/AS, weird but why not. Having less res/dodge a bit devil but for curve scaling why not. But also having less ailment chance ? How with 6 affixes max are we suppose to increase both crit, dcc, ailment chance, mat/elem/occ dmg, res, dodge, atk/spell flat dmg ?
And I didn't saw a new ilvl tier with more stats released so how are we suppose to improve our dps/resistance if we can't have more stats but the malus still grows ?

I'm sorry if I'm a bit blurry in my message but it feels very disappointing to discover something that big on the game impact, like that from nowhere a year after release... A year than I defend your game and try to convice a lot of people/friend to buy it/play it (because I feel proud to have a french studio in the place and I like the game design and because I know some of your folks) but this is a bit too much to swallow :'(

Best Regards,
A sad (for today at least) fan

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Well, if the penalties based on expedition level didn't exist, the minions will just have been buffed more per expedition level, leading to the same difference in difficulty in each expedition tier. The only difference is that now, if you had two stat that were maxed out (either by hard or soft cap) you can choose to increase one of these, whereas if we only buffed the minions, both theses stats being capped, you wouldn't be able to tweak your build to gain more of said stat based on what you lack to clear the higher expedition tiers.

I understand your point about showing these penalties in the expedition UI, there are a lot of things that can be improved on that side and we are working on those everyday, but at the end of the day, the difficulty curve is the same in the two above mentioned scenarios, and I think we can agree that that's matters the most.

That being said, we do plan on giving more information to players, be it in the Expedition UI, modifiers tooltips/description or Gate of Fates nodes.


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Hi again,

Indeed that's what matter the most but right now it feels like a trahison ^^"
I look forward to see all those informations coming to us, to be able to improve our knowledge/mastery of the game.

Thx for the explanation, I hope to see a new gear tier soon to be able to counter that new tier of "malus" because we are not all Binashole or Besty :) (200h legacy, 200h bloodtrail and still no trial belt for me or frostweave for example... A bit hard to follow you know)

Best Regards,

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