Some bugs after my return to game

  1. When I select the Haunting Faulds armor skin on the cosmetic screen, it looks weird on the female character.
  2. When I try to dye Anorn's cosmetic set, only a few dye boxes work (Also, they can malfunction. For example, one dye box can color the entire armor piece), the others don't work (I select any color, but the armor is not stained).
  3. When the female character dual wields two pistols, the character poses as if she is dual wielding two melee 1h weapons.
  4. In the skill "Evassion", when I select the rend rune, in my skill bar, the color of the skill is the damage type of aether.
  5. Some enemies, like the harvester, do not have death animations. They just fall to the ground.
  6. The circlets (Sorcerer Head Armors), look smaller in the female character causing clipping.
  7. Sometimes vendors like Mohabi, Demetra, etc don't say anything when you click on them.

Old Bug:
1. Sometimes bosses keep spawning out of the map and if I don't kill them quickly, they fall into the void making it impossible to complete the mandate.

Very Old Bug:
1. Female characters deform their necks when equipping their weapons. (This is most evident when holding two-handed weapons, a single pistol, etc ...)

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Created: 1 year ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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