Stuck in terrain after being caught and teleported by Demon of Souls's "spike-cage"

While on an expedition in the forest area i faced the "Demon of Souls" and got caught by his spike cage (happened while i was dodging!), when i was set free again i ended up outside the normal terrain. As i believe i was offset by the amount i was away due to the dodge in which i was still caught.
The "Demon of Souls" did not further attack me and his skull icon went back where i found him, but other monsters did still manage to bother me.
Two of those summoners or necromancers were shooting at me and summoned their minions next to me, "off terrain" (well somehow between a tree and a stump i could still move a bit) and there those minions spawned. After i managed to kill the summoners (guns did not reach them so i only managed to kill them with the skills, luckily feed with rage by the minions), i found myself stuck with like 3-4 steps movable area but no way back in the normal terrain to continue my run. I tried equipping a melee-weapon and using a skill to jump over, but as expected, nothing worked and thus i had to exit to the menu.

As this ruined my run and would do so for everyone in the same unlucky situation, i would deem this as a big issue. You sure can exit and start a new round, but if i imagine players that actually reach way further down then me, having to leave the game as no other way out, it is very frustrating.

Please consider an "/unstuck" command (it could for all i care test if you are in an area that is not supposed to be traversed, but till such accidents can be completely prevented it would sure allow less frustrated test-runs.

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Created: 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

Thank you for reporting this issue Xylvier. We'll look into it.

Created: 6 months, 1 week ago

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