The Bugs i found so far

Greetings Wolcen-Team,

Since the newest update, I've startet leveling 2 characters so far, one up to lvl 18 (bow-build), one up to lvl 13 (staff-build) and down below is a list of bugs that i found on both characters so far.

  • in the area that you arrive after talking to the king in the city for the first time are some dogs/pigs that start moving without any visual movement (no moving feet), but the movements start if the monsters reaches a specific distance to the character - like half of the screen between monster and character.
  • in some areas, you can use the "tab"-button to swich the mini from the corner to your center-screen, in some you can't. That might be a bug, if not, support a better map overview for people like me who loves good overviews in games.
  • with the picture-links below, you can see some items that dropped behind an undestroyable object, a bugged chest in necropolis-stage 1 that can't be reached and if you try it hard enough, you'll find yourself inside the stairs, i tried to reach the chest on both characters and got the same results.
  • sometimes after using a movement-skill like your standard-evasiveroll or the arcane-dash-thing, the spells you cast as a magician don't deal damage at all, you have to activiate the skills again and that's kinda annoying if there are groups of monsters around you.
  • i also figured out, that the hitboxes of monsters are bugged if there are any height differences (e.g. in caves) between the monster and the character. that results in dealing no damage as a ranged-build with auto-attacks and sometimes with skills/spells.

that's what i've found so far, i try my best to keep the thread updated.

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Hello siqNezz,

Thank you for your report :) Regarding the second issue you mention, the overlay map currenty works only for random dungeons, it's planned to allow it also for fixed dungeons later.

Created: 6 months, 1 week ago

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