third time items lost in my stash and the body armor i am wearing ...

i think this should not happen even for a beta !!!
i payed to play the beta ! and i know that its almost common that stash an charakters will be reseted ,, bud with alls these rollbacks and crashes i get realy unhappy, because i spend some days to farm that armor and was happy to be able to progress the game,
bud now the armor is lost the my beld what droped later was still there and many other items two!
bud its also the second time that i am missing a red 1h weapon what is found and put in my stash!!
this is realy a thing what makes me so dissapointed that i changes i suggestion from "realy good game with some bugs bud playable and fun" to addicting realy bad programmed game with long loadtimes,and group play is not fun because of bugs cousing game crashes"
tell me pls when i can call the game something else than wolcen : lords of making other people depressed

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ok more than four times now .... another important item for me ... i thought i should check to be shure if i put it on another char bud its not on the other char and now i cant open games anymore with the Tank char i play most of the time ... and the belt what i droped after my chest what i had for a few ´hours today is know missing 2 after the update !
though it could be that the update solves the problem that items get lost bud seems that i get the possibility to feel lucky bud not for long!
why do u make a game that feels like reallife? if i would like this ... i would not play games like yours ...

Created: 4 months, 1 week ago

i hear ya, everything i farmed up for an alt today disappeared from storage when i logged onto alt to retrieve

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i saw yesterday an item in my stash what i have 2 times it is yellow ... not that there is no possibillity that this could happen bud now i found another amulet in my stash what is 100% the same than the one one of my chars is wearing ...
so if i put it together ... duped items i dont realy need and lost items i am frustrated that they are gone ... no items i found after last update 1.1.4 are lost bud the belt mentioned (found after the armor bud before patch 1.1.4 ...was still there when the armor was gone, it was the second one of its kind what was lost, and after the update it was also gone)
if this kind of whimper about stuff what is gone because of bugs dont helps would be good to know because i write also because i wont to help that this could be fixed fast (i am working as software tester so i know that every information could be helpfull to fix bugs ...)
have a nice day

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new stuff missing from today!!!
1x ring
1x head
2x gloves
1x belt
1x pents
1x neckles
1x bondy armor
what i did today
i spent some hours in to farming with a bow char..
because i had not enough good gear for the higher levels anymore i switched and played my other char again
when i wanted to test the damage of my new peaces i found ...i put them in the stash and switched to my bow char ... and now they are gone again
so ... do i play for nothing? and this bug stay? or is it intended ?

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Thats what the Last Patch Notes say:
Candidate-fix for items disappearing in stashes. Please let us know if you still encounter the issue and provide us with as much detail as you can.

WTF Sry but that Bug exist till the first time Wolcen go online, and u cant fix that ♥♥♥♥?

Me and 2 Friends report that Bug many Times and we detailed say whats the Problem, and u cant fix it?

The Problem is, WHEN U BUY THE 3 STASHSITE , the whole STASH is bugged and delete all Items u find after the second u buy the 3 Stashsite.
Thats it.
U can fix it for the first 2 Sites if u clear the complett Stash and relog.
BUT u can only use the Stast 1 and 2 now.. NOT the 3 Site of the Stash.
If u put 1 Item in the 3 Site, the Bug is back again and u lost all ur Items ur put in from this time.

I lost 4 Core Items at the Time that ingame come the msg, pls relog and update ur Game.
I update and log in, and yeahhhhh my items are lost again, 4 Core Items and i cant play my Build. Woohooo THX for it thats a big shame.

U say its fixxxed, but u dont know what the Problem is and fix nothing.
Now i can sell all my Items in Stash to fix the Bug again for the first 2 Sites. WHY sell? Yeah u cant create more than 6 Chars, and i have 3 active Chars and 3 Stashmule for not lost my Items again and again.

I never saw a Game with soooo many Bugs in a Beta, and i play a lot of Games.
The Game was sooo nice for the first time i played, and now its only a ShameBugTest.

When is the release of this Game? Year 2035 ?
U have 1 Act and 1000000 Bugs in this Game u cant Fix.

Thats a BIG Shame

Created: 4 months, 1 week ago

interresting i thought is has something to do with the energyshield life conversion of that special armor or something like this ...
thx for ur post ... no answer from the company bud i wrote quite a lot ... so lets see if this get fixed ... because i think thats an easy thing i know that its doable in a short amound of time !!! what database is used to save the item information is it mysql or mariadb ? are the stash information save at logout ? will any information be saved at crash? if not what would be the best way to be shure that items in stash dont disapear!

if u want to release a game people stay with ... ask them what they want!!!
my first wish would be !
put this item disapear bug on the first place from the "Bugs to fix list" !!!!!

Created: 4 months, 1 week ago

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