Three bugs

Good morning. Three bugs:

-The boss called "Claw of the Republic" does not drop any loot after being defeated, neither as an expedition boss nor as a hunting prey.

-In the expedition scenario which is a temple, whatever the environment, in many cases the character starts with the lower half of his body below ground level. She moves, but doesn't run, she just slides around until she finds a staircase or a dungeon (within the expedition) that fixes it.

-Most annoying. On many occasions, when separating stacked items (maps or reagents) or taking items from the projects screen, (rewards etc.) they get stuck in the inventory. I can't select, pick them up or operate on them until I exit to the start menu and reload the game. This problem never occurs when picking up the drop on the ground within expeditions.

Please fix these problems, thank you.

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Created: 2 years ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

Hi there!

I'm happy to report that all three issues are known and in the process of being fixed :) Thank you for your report!

Created: 2 years ago

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