Wolcen not working good on Windows 11 Preview

I know Windows 11 is still in preview and not supported, but still from MIcrosoft standpoint they claim most games working with Windows 10 should work fine. (the game works good for me on Windows 10)

As a tester i have tested over 20 games for Windows 11 and compared them running in Windoes 10, and Wolcen is the only one that stands out as very flawed when it comes to handle Windows 11.

First of the load times is about 10 times as long, it takes up to 3 minutes to get the character visible on screen after Entering the game (the sound is available earlier, and i can interact and press keys even when the screen is black during loading).

Then the big issues starts, when doing combat. Enemies are damaged to like 1 HP, then they start jittering, and floating down on the screen. They also don't drop any loot. Then enemies become invisible. And the character still takes damage, looks like i manage to kill things by pressing shift and attacking around me even if i don't see any enemies. Quest progressions isn't possible in this state, its not possible to interact with anything.

I know this isnt prioritized for you, but a heads up as Windows 11 release is by the end of this year.

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Created: 2 years ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

Hi there!
Thank you for the heads up.

It would be appreciated if anyone else trying Wolcen on Windows 11 posts their experience here as well :)

Created: 2 years ago

Same here on Windows 11, extreme texture loading time. Game just freezing 30-60 secs, videos and dialogs are out of sync and/or freeze until textures are fully loaded. Attacking many invisible enemy, main character and companions going to invisible also (Valeria is just 2 floating swords), Stormfall's NPCs and textures missing. Game on SSD, and Wolcen is the only game with this extreme texture loading time.

Created: 1 year, 11 months ago

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