Zapstick Not Working?

The Zapstick unique item may not be working as intended

Mine has the following effects:
17-36 Lightning Damage added to Spells
+62% Shock Ailment Damage
+126-212 Lightning Damage on Attacks with this weapon
Freeze and Burn Chance become Shock Chance
The Shock Stacks are on the target and user

Issue 1:
- Shock damage without Zapstick: 269-6731
- Shock damage with Zapstick: 286-7151
The difference with/without Zapstick is 20-420 damage, which does not seem anywhere close to +62%

Issue 2:
When adding a skill like winter's grasp, because of the "Freeze and Burn Chance become Shock Chance" effect, chance to shock is now (100%, 40%) -- 2 independent rolls. This is correct.

However, with other skills like consuming embers / Tear of Etheliel, shock chance is (0.0%, 40%) -- 2 independent rolls. This seems to be buggy? The frost damage base from the Tear of Etheliel should have a base chance to freeze, which should then convert into chance to shock

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Created: 2 years, 10 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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