Community feels bad about missing news

Hey folks and developer
I know its sometimes hard
The Patch is nice, okay. We have still Novemer, now.
You told us that the 4 Act - Patch will be in release end of autum. We still have Winter since a month and still nothing to hear about our lovley game.
Whats all about?
But please give us any Information about what are you doeing, please.
You may can tell us if the timeplan dont work, may with a new release date.

Give us something. As less you tell us, as less player we will become.
Nothing is very annoying. Balancing Details is fine, okay.
At leaset 2 News in a month is the minimum to hold community up in there hope and wishes.
Do something!

If don´t, give me the job! I can do write all about.All kind of little new, balancing discussion and so on. Specials about builds, abilitys, rings of fade...
alsosecret storys like about the special church 2 month before you met the maestro of ARPGs from Diablo.

Do some, or speak with one who can do it for less you think. For sure with a Confidentiality agreement and presenting New´s before posting.
english, Deutsch little basic français

I do love writing story´s, have knowledge about many ARPGs, also Wolcen and you know.. very nice ideas and gamefeatures to envolve wolcen future most bright. LIke

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Created: 3 years, 4 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

I dont play. I am looking for news. The team tell us their new ways and explain and after 1-2 times they decide to change their news plan.

So this silence is a sign of new plan. They realize the game isnt ready yet and will move it to a later date. They have to avoid the last release disaster. We will get out endgame and balancing. This might take some time. I dont belive in any release this year, maybe some bug-beta-test-patch...

Created: 3 years, 4 months ago

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