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Even though we focused on bug fixing for the past months, and fixed a lot of issues, there are still bugs in the game. We tried our best to prioritize bug fixing during Second Dawn and first address the issues that would impact you all the most, based on playtesting and your feedback. However, some of these issues might take a substantial time to be fixed. We identified the majority of them, and we will try and address them as soon as possible.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of known issues that are active on Patch 1.0.16.

  • We identified dupe issues remaining and are actively working on fixing all of them.
  • Joining a party who has just finished an Untainted Expedition but not exited the area allows the newly joining players to see the red portal usually used for regular Expeditions.
  • The Expedition consumable Hidden Coffers allows for the player to teleport manually back to Stormfall and does not automatically teleport out of the area party members that are not in town when the quest is finished at Dashing Eugene in Stormfall.
  • Slayer's Flurry’s active skill modifier Flashing Blades reduces the number of total hits done in the same period of time.
  • Movement skills can not trigger if mouse targeting resolves a path that is too long.
  • Sometimes skill cooldown stays stuck at 0.0 (online only).
  • Solarfall’s active skill modifier Sunrise can lead to animation canceling on subsequent casts.
  • Duskshroud's active skill modifier Deceitful Blast does not make the skill usable on the cursor's location.
  • The Blessing of the Jade Legion node in the Gate of Fate sometimes doesn't work.
  • The Blood Reaper node in the Gate of Fate does not work as intended, the rend transform damage is being applied only on skills that have their damage type being changed by an active skill modifier.
  • Statis Transferal node in the gate of Fate does not properly increase the damages as expected.
  • The node Purifier's Will in the gate of Fate is decreasing the damages taken by the player by a superior amount that it is supposed to.
  • The Elementary Destabilization node in the Gate of Fate does not scale with the player's Max Hp and Force shield.
  • The Life's First Movement node in the Gate of Fate is only applying the 20% malus when not in Equilibrium State.
  • The Pugilist's Momentum node in the Gate of Fate doesn't work when shift + attacking with a staff weapon.
  • The player can get stuck under the bridge of Cordanon.
  • The Chapter III quest Fury’s Ascent second step has the wrong sub-step text it says "Reach the end of a Wing and Attune to its Altar" when this belongs to the quest Illusions of peace 4th step instead.
  • The vault's door to reach the second part of the Helion can be closed shortly after opening it causing the player to be able to go through it.
  • Untainted Expedition’s last boss is not spawning in the correct place.
  • When dropping an item from the inventory, the player also moves to where the mouse click happened.
  • Impossible to "Alt + Tab" to switch to other windows when playing the game with the "Windowed Fullscreen" setting.
  • In one of win8.1_64 system, the game can't be started, and have no tips.
  • The Staves auto-attacks projectiles targeted at a friendly summons from shrines collide with them.
  • Holding left click while doing an Alt+Tab sometimes causes the next ‘Shift’ input to open the Steam overlay.
  • The unique helmet Genesis’ last affix is displayed in-game but player HP are not healed.
  • When the team leader kicked a teammate out while loading the game, he still in the team after loading over.
  • Players can sometimes fly out of the map after being hit by the Demon of Flesh grab attack.
  • Enemies can sometimes appear above or under the ground during special objectives.
  • Some monsters can be stunned forever.
  • Players can lose their Force Shield during the Apocalyptic form transformation.

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