State of the game post patch and few (hopefully constructive suggestion)

First and foremost I want to say that I enjoy a lot of things in Wolcen and that I'm very frustrated about it. My post may look arsh, but even if it is about a personnal feeling, I don't think it is unfair.

I'll start with the positive. Bloodtrail, even particulary small in terms of content, is on par with Wolcen universe. The flavor texts and mini events are nice and the post game story chapters are great.

Now the bad:

I have been openly critic toward Wolcen on steam in the past. However a friend of mine and I have cleared the game at its release without using any know bug(I mean we finished both lvl190 content with our own builds and were able to farm those). We are of the most knowledgeable players you can find, there is absolutely no good resource online toward the game, people just quit before hand or are very casual, unaware of the genre players wich is extremly bad for the game itself as there is not enough feedback to help scaffolding better end game experience but its another debate. There are influencers who play Wolcen sporadically, but either they are paid to do so or do that for the clic bait money, none of them has really commited enough to even finish their town for example.

I'll quote there, the message this friend sent me today, it's in french, it's google trad-able and it made me sad, because after reading it I feel truelly alone in that Wolcen journey and I don't think I want to play fully alone in it. It is not a fake it is on my discord conversations, I can provide screenshots or whatever you want as a proof.

j'ai eu plus de bug sur wolcenqu'a la sortie du jeu la et les bug de la sortie sont tjs present ils se foute vraiment de la gueule du monde u_u le bug des stack de craft c'es pas nouveau ça existe depuis la release le jeu pour moi bug plus souvant qu'avant et c'est des bug qui casse le fun ou casse le jeu directement je vais le delete le jeu je pense c'est rraiment une honte c'est ptete le pire jeu que j'ai vue qui merde comme ça

What bothers me is that the end game of Wolcen has a decent loop and feel to it. The concepts are still there but the game is still a VERY buggy mess, with things that are absolutely breaking the experience. Now about the wheel of fate, it seems that it is better than before but I'm only lvl60ish and starting champion difficulty, I'm not sure how the player scalling matches the level scalling yet, haven't played enough in bloodtrail, it may be good but considering the history of the game it may very well be trashy as hell.

Now few suggestions for patches:

1) fix the yellow border thing asap(when tabbing the minimap), it happens as close as early game it looks garbage, it really makes you look bad right of the bat and it should not be the hardest thing to do
2) once and for all fix item interractions. Use test driven developpment for features where people invest into (crafting, etc). Destroying items is not acceptable in a game that revolves around farming items. Imagine that each time it happens, you are likely to loose a player.

Now few suggestions for future contents:

1) Don't ever again release features that absolutely hinder the core gameplay loops. The trails in end game are a joke, it makes you run around levels while previously the challenge was finding the boss area while trying to reduce backtracking as much as possible and there was arbitration to make about trying to loot in side areas, rush etc... It's counter intuitive for newer players and polute seasonned ones. I hope that after reading that you understand that the way Bloodtrail is implemented is absolutely bad at keeping players engaged.
2) Don't twist the wheel again like that. Wolcen is a fairly complicated game, and the game has not enough traction to have influencers that educate players properly, you can find shitty missleading guides on youtube but you know what I mean. If players are lost in the game, they are lost for the game if I may say.

Closing words

According to steam charts, it's not much but there has been a rebound meaning that Wolcen got traction. If you had made quality content, there would have been contagion and players buying the game again, Bloodtrail was not enough I'm afraid. To the contrary, it probably lost the interest of many.

I don't know what lesson you have learned last year, but the people who worked on this patch clearly made a dedicated job, the story driven content was on par with the universe of the game(wich is very flavorfull) however the new content volume is extremly low, I encountered very few bugs on the new content but there were some as well. We were hoping for better than that close to one year after release and a very long initial dev.

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Well said

Created: 3 years, 5 months ago


fix the yellow border as it is annoying as hell!! and as said theres alot of times when u cannot pick/break items..

Another problems i notice is the problem with vendor not showing on the map anymore .. this needs to be fix FAST!!!

Besides that theres a problem of when u fail a rift the next rift u do , wont open the portal to finish the rift on the end.. so this things needs to be fixed FAST or u will let the game die TWICE!! Dont wait for weekly updates cuz that bullsh*t

keep updates coming as soon as u can and as soon as they are reported or u will let the game die again this is ur chance to prove u guys will try to still make at least a decent ARPG since wolcen already have so much potencial wasted so far.. i will keep my fingers crossed that things will keep improving..!

Created: 3 years, 5 months ago

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