bad performance and bugs

well apart from the texture bugs, really stupid bugs like getting stuck in some places and not being able to get out of them until getting on heavy artillery in the red desert I think that would be the name.
the game experiences performance problems all the time with which the passage of time is declining even more the truth is not why. I already did everything necessary to make it work well, that is, the most basic steps, check drivers, my windows, temperatures, reinstall windows, do test and benchmark with different graphic APIs etc.
which I came to the conclusion that the game is too badly optimized, I remember that at one point they "fixed" something in an update but it was not like that and not to mention the loading screens that are excessively long even being in an ssd.
It doesn't make sense to have a game of this style in that state, the first thing I always see in a game is that it works well if there isn't a good experience for it.
what's the point of making a game of these if it's going to go wrong?
It is a good game thematically, it clearly lacks more content but the best point is that it is at least stable and good fps. Does it have very closed maps around what is the rendering of the objects, details, textures, why does it go? so bad?
Why does the performance decrease so much while you are playing?
It goes from being to 60 fps game 30 minutes I go back to stormfall and it goes down to 25, so what is happening here?
They should polish the overall performance.
not to mention my hardware. I tested in more than 6 different pc all with the same.
It is the game and its bad implementation in the optimization of the graphics.
and another problem is latency, it is so annoying to be in the server having 60 ms or 80 ms and going to 200 constants during a whole day.
and I have a good internet and a good router, all modified to work perfectly and without bufferbloat.
the other games work in perfect condition in reference to latency.
I need it to work well buy the game to enjoy it not to get frustrated every 20 minutes.

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Hi there! I've responded to your ticket and asked for further details :)

Created: 1 year, 4 months ago

I'm still waiting for a next answer, 1 week has passed

Created: 1 year, 4 months ago

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