Black screen on my main character

I'm trying to log in with my main character (level 76) and it causes a black screen, I only have the cursor (no sound, nothing else).
I can play online mode with another character that I created for the test. Worked both in story mode, and Champion of Stormfall mode.
I tried every fix I found (VPN, changing settings, connecting to differents servers, updating drivers, reinstalling game, checking game files etc.) with no result. I tried the contact form, the discord, messenger, the report bug form, the steam discussion and still nothing, no answer, and I still can't play.
The game is really great, and I know it's ok to have bugs I don't even mind, but here I can't even play and I have absolutely no answer from the staff, it's impossible to go this way if you want the players to support you.
I hope you'll find a fix soon, or at least I hope you'll tell us that you are working on it and not just dodge the questions.

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Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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