Massive Server Issues

In Settings it stipulates preferred Server which is fine, i Choose Sydney as its gives me a great 30-40ms, as my preferred as any Australian.When i launch it then puts me into Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, London, even Mumbai, All over 200ms but it hardly ever connects me to Sydney, now i have mentioned this in multiple ares, Twitter, Facebook, These threads, none have been answered by a Wolcen Dev, EVER!!. This problem has been around since launch which at the time was also brought up and also throughout the last year and a half, yet still no solution has come about. Why is this problem still here ? as a long time ARPG player i feel Ping is a massive issue that needs to be addressed. constantly sitting at 200ms is horrible to play on, especially if you are trying to complete achievements and such for not dieing. Please for the Love of Wolcen fix the server issue. If anyone has a actual fix to this please let us know because relaunching over and over to try get Sydney is a game breaker for me.. Cheers

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Created: 1 year, 2 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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