Multiplayer crashes

Since update, a friend and I got together and tried to play, but more often than not it crashes 1 or both of us fairly soon into the expedition.. things we did to try and whittle the problem down: 1) i played an expedition solo (no crash-- main spells: havoc orb-fire/arctic spear)). 2) played together but he didnt cast any spells (suspected one of his spells was the culprit), crashed in 2nd level of expedition. 3) played and he casted spells (main spell: solarfall / parasite), crashed before we got out of first room. Not sure if the error reporter ran, didnt see it. After the regular expedition trials I ran 4 lure tainted, we were able to complete 1, we failed (died) 1, and the other 2 was crashes (1, I crashed and he didnt, and the other we both crashed)

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Created: 1 year, 6 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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