Multiplayer is still broken and will not play until it is fixed

I have tried this game several times now since beta, and all I want to do in this game is play with my friends. There are still constant bugs that plague this game that make me keep uninstalling it after every try. If these issues are fixed I'll give it a final go, but until then I have to put it down because of the frustration. Things I want to be fixed:

  1. Trade windows disappear when trying to trade with friends constantly. Inability to drop items on the ground for friends to pickup to circumvent this issue.
  2. Game completely lags out and freezes the screen for both players sometimes for 5 minutes+.
  3. Game crashes constantly closing us out of the entire application.
  4. When trying to go back to main menu after game freezes the game client will just close.
  5. Expedition mapping will just stop working after a few runs looping the going back to main menu and restarting issue.

It's like the devs don't care about multiplayer gaming which in 2020 is pretty unacceptable these days. I'd like to see some focus on it. Thank you.

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Created: 2 years, 3 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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