Servers and ms 140+

I have really enjoyed playing this game all the way through. Honestly, I have never thought that I'd become really immersed into the content of this game. Though with the uprising "negativity", I have found myself playing 400+ hrs and reached end-game content. If anything, I'd salute the developers for working so hard to provide us with great content.

The only problem is how these contents are presented to us.

As of late, I have reached level 184 ascended and defeated the final boss in hopes I could return and collect items then sell (as we all do). I found myself fighting a "specialist" at ms speed juggling between 140 - 160. what happened next, all enemies surrounding that "specialist" froze in position and in few seconds had me killed while i was moving around and using my skills. not only that, I didn't get my chance to revive (since i was playing alone).

Using anomaly + tear + solar flare + mark + purge can sometimes have NPCs' flying in their position randomly and i can't tell if they are dead or just flying and rotating (specially in larger packs).

Thankfully, I have a high spec computer i7 9700k with gpu 2080 rtx and ram 32 with ssd. my internet speed ranges between 25-30 ms and upload 10-15 ms yet this issue seems to persist.

what can drive this experience to worse is having someone join me in-game to do these levels. the lag can make this a difficult game to play, specially on these higher levels.

So, are there any plans to improve the quality of the servers and overall online gaming anytime soon?

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Created: 7 months, 1 week ago

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yep its common, game optimalization or server or both, on the multiplayer helps to reduce expedition lvl, like to 163 or so

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Created: 7 months, 1 week ago

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