Stuck in expedition/dungeon, idea ?

Hello there and i will start with Thank you for this game for my first topic.

Badly, there are some bug in game, could happened , but there's one very problematic for me, when you're stuck in dungeon after Time and ressources invested in, you have to reload your game and you're loosing all progress.

it seems that you desactivate teleport or rolling through a rock or wall, i understand you can't desactivate it to prevent bug using or other things like this, But, only for dungeon, you could maybe add a button or option, to teleport player at the start of dungeon ? Like this, you stay in dungeon and don't loose progress and get unstuck.

I don't know how hard it should be to program a game but it could be very helpfull and avoid a lot of disagrement/disapointment on many players i think ;)

Thank you

PS : GG les français, super boulot et bon courage à vous pour la suite, surtout avec la crise actuelle, bad timming pour vous mais courage, you can do it ! ;)

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Created: 3 years, 10 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

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