Communication, Bugs, and moving forward

I see a ton of posts on the bugs forums about the same thing over and over.
Personally I think the larger ones are the gold and idem dupe.
Player chests resetting
and I am understanding some folks are still having general connection issues.

Even if we do not have a fix for these items, maybe we can at least address them and the game plan on getting them addressed.
In my ears, infinite gold sounds like a game breaking mechanic to leave, but maybe the development team realizes something I do not. Example: maybe they do not plan on having an open player driven market, therefore infinite gold does not really play a role on the community as a whole.

I am pretty low level so anything going into the chest is pretty unimportant to my game play at this stage, however I can imagine the level of cranky some people may get when they log in and notice their stuff missing. What are we planning on doing to address that, or is there some kind of system in place that could, compensate for lost items?

I my line of work, I find that delivering the information before folks have to ask keeps everyone in a much more calm state.
Granted, the clientele you work with is quite different than mine, I feel the same rules may play a role here.

Anyways, just my two cents.
Also, side note, I apologize as I was not sure what category to drop this under to ensure someone from the team may read.

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Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

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