Issue Interaction with the Community & What Content, Features we want next?

Hello everyone who like help WolcenStudio to get with our Community in touch.

Our Guild, ArcAngels and Community collected Ideas what is most important in developing Wolcen.

The construct says :
1)Weekly,- Regularly Developer Letter on
1a) About How the Game is working. Step by Step and what are our devs doing. Precise Character informations / how Stacks working and so on
1b)Votings for all Game Owner (Wolcen Community) what Feature Content we want next (on the official Homepage)
2) A) Global Chat , B) Trade Chat C) Player-Hubs (a Village or City)
3) A) Item evolving (Thread Uniques need to be Unique) B)more Combos C)Weapon Building by a mechanic (Handle, run, blade-sides, material) D) Tinctures E)Tincture what may burn in the Item Material whats irreparable
4)A) New Active Skills , B) innovation to improve the passive tree C) changeable segments D) develop over Unique Item Modifer (see Uniques need to be Unique Thread)
5) Endgame and Multiplayer (suprise the Player, like Random Dungeon who can be theoretical endless deep. [Add XX% Chance for Random Dungeon A)to get a deeper next Level B) Map become bigger]
A)evolve Wrath of the Sarisal Dungeons (new Quests / harder difficulty / special Item-Loot)
B) Guilds C) Capture the Flag and King if the Hill Modus
D) Endless Swarm Modus (You group need to defend their selfs regarding Endless Waves of Lambach Creatures (maybe every xx Waves you get a Rest in Village) [StoryID- by using a Gun that have for xx Minutes energy that you can rest] D)z) Maybe like Tower defense with first impression of building Traps for upcomming, make your own Dungeon Feature
6) Pets May A) Can Collect Items for you B) can fight a bit C) get own Skills D) own Equipment
Update 09.06
[Dreaming] E) Pet vs. Pet Fight [Round-based Tactic Ingame]F) construction of own Pets, like in the PCGame Spore.``` Via mystic energy, flasks and orbs*

For real:
6)B) At first Pets should may give you a little Bonus in battle [Buff] and Experience, alsoLevel up. To garantee that every pet will be a Unique, a level up could be more Random.
6)C) It growing up get diced Bonus, Abilitys and charakter traits, properties out of a pool.
I am sure if you, wolcen team, do a survey about, we will get many well ideas for the pool*.

Infos about mystic Energy, Orbs and Flaks u find in [ITrading Items, own ceated Creatures, Bosses and Dungeons- Pets and mechenary- Step by Step!] - Thread in Collection and official Storyline (*mystic Energy)

X) Is something extra, what may can destroy the Game or steal many developing Resources
X) 1)Housing (maybe someday in a Playerhub) - A Hideout is a cute feature but nothing what the game really be needing in the first Content Updates.
X)2) Auctionary House (be careful, Blizzard did a very mistake with it)
X)2)A) Develop Items and Equipment first before you open up a AH
X)2)B) Issue is that Players can buy best Items in the Game very fast and there is nothing left in character proceed anymore and it may get boring.
X)2)C) The only way is to etablished innovative Items before and
have the full controll of Resource (Gold and so on)
X)X) Take a look in the Thread "the-future-of-item-trade"
for innovative trading id s

    The precice way to say why AH is very difficulty to have:
        Deutsch gesagt(German). Die Item Spirale stoppt. Die Basis des Spiels ist        ausgehebelt. Der Hauptgrund das Spiel zu spielen ist nicht mehr gegeben.

Here you will find all Suggestions and Ideas, discriptions about every thing. Point, X),too, with Innovative Suggestions to do a trade market ingame is given. For anybody who don not like to wait -> (Ragnarök Online inspiration trade market)

These are the Important Features for Wolcen future we think.

I hope everyone who agree some of this, write it down once that Wolcen Studios cannot overhear us.

For the Community

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