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Hi guys,

I didn't get my website backer key and haven't activated the game on steam. I thought "the builders will send keys on launch day" but later I learnt they have already sent them via email. I was waiting for "We have sent your keys" update but never saw such an update. I possibly missed my steam key email on my junk box. I messaged the developers on the official website and also using contact link on this forum after launch day but nobody has answered me yet. My resync button on keys&DLCs section does not change anything, since that section is empty for me.

Do you have any idea about what to do?


(sorry metotan for
copy paste your message but i have exactly the same problem than you)

i Joined June 19, 2015 ... i thinks its time to have my key i was payed for ...

and i have sent 3 message to you never respond

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Created: 2 years, 9 months ago

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