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Dear WolcenGame Studio, may if you find some time to add a cool Webmaster do somethings on your Homepage:
-Add all Update and Hotfixes Infos when they^re done. At the Moment i need to get these Information from FanHomepages like wolcen-game.de
-Add an Overview from All active Skills in the Game
-Add the passive Tree, may to plan a new Charakterbuild
-Add a developers Information to tell us on what you are working and do-voters for the community what your players Content want next
-add also a Information about possible upcomming skills with a users VoterThat will improve your connection with us, Your community

Let us work togheter for the future of WoLcEN

Thank you.Maybe you have interesting in a Feature what give us more Ways, Individualism to play a charakter. Called Weapon Slots - Craft modifierFor this take a look in here;:https://wolcengame.com/forum/feedback-suggestions/items/development-for-combined-classes-many-more-options-forwolcen-players/

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Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

Category: Bugs & Issues

Baaaaahahahahaha clears throat Mmm sorry for my outburst...

I think they should focus on just making a working title before delving deeper.

Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

-Auctionary House (like Path of Exile), on the Website
-weekly Updates on what Wolcen GameStudio is currently working (The Community Guy get payed for such these things) [best way a Community Overlord who is a Webmaster, too]
-maybe with vote for player, what we want as next Upadates: (Skills, Global Chat, Auction, New Quests, Storyline, self-made Dungeons under your Hideout (House), new Sounds, Items, Pets and so on. Just a weekly Update on what WolcenGame Studio still working, maybe with a vote, to see what should be the best as next Update.
-other Website languages

Also it would be very very nice, if we can get a Global Chat Ingame.
Its little bit loneley if you arent in a group.

-language based Global Chat, Ingame



Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

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