Looking for Buddies for Expeditions 130+(+)

Hey Guys,

once again i'm looking for ppl to group. I play a lvl 78 Frost-Ranger and can solo about lvl 165.
I play frequently those days and have fun with the Char and deep progression.

-Please do not play Artic Spear and/or Havoc Orb, its not fun for the eyes and also not for Gaming
-Please be adult: If we cannot beat 140 together, maybe we shouldn't do 187
-When someone dies please try to revive, if you got troubles to survive maybe use Apocalyptic Form. Remember in Groups we got only 1 Life if there is no Revive.

If you meet these Requirements, id be glad if you add me, Acc: cese.3823

Cya ingame!

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Created: 2 years, 8 months ago

Category: Community

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