What is going on with you Wolcen team?

Dear community and Wolcen team,

I've been playing this game for couple of years now and followed all the updates and releases.
I gave elaborate suggestions and error reports on multiple of occasions.
I stopped playing some 6 months ago, since the patching vent wery slow and I've lost interest somewhat.

In one of your last addresings to your community, you said you'll update us often on the progress of the game in general.
So far, it's been a couple of months, and we haven't received ANY info from you. I find it very rude and extremely unprofessional.
Would you care to tell us, why is it so hard to write a quick update every week or two, and fill us in on the progress?
I am sure you know it's better that you give us a quick update, even if there is not much to say,
than to dissapear for months on end and let your community wonder.

Please, I employ you, pull yourselves together and try to turn this wonderful community working for you, instead aggainst you.

Best regards,

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Created: 1 year, 11 months ago

Category: Community

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