Discord for ALL

Greeting , *People *

this my 1st time make this thing so if there is some discord fanncy pants out there and is keen on helping me set this up wont say NO

a discord for anyone that is looking to find:

A party member...
Someone to grind/SpeedRuns with ect..
Hang out talk about the Game/Builds ...
Helping New Players ....
Anything Wolcen Related Welcome...
THIS WILL BE A FRIENDLY DISCORD so not badmouthing calling people out, The game , DEVS and so on,, ill get some rules when i think of them, Help every one out to be on the same page for now just use common sense and be friendly.

So Come And Join The Wolcen Fight !

see ya all soon

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Created: 3 years, 9 months ago

Category: Community

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