Endgame Mystics - Hidden Dungeons / Quests

Dont be in Engame aight now, but many Expidition Quests with new Boss every Stage should be nice for the Start.
Maybe there is a hidden endless Dungeon no one finding as yet, pssst ... its like the 21+ Staged Dungeon Church

But psst. Its a mystic aigh hot, how to get there. You need to find the Booklet of someone who called Cain to open up a Portal to an old mystic Church. :-D Somekind of a Devil lookin Monster is the Boss...
... he try to Open Up a New Nexus Portall for Demons down below.

It isnt the Church of Stormfall in the past, or what else is this mystic about WolcenGame-Studios? :-P

Also heared about an endless Dungeon, cause no one reaches the End as yet,
And a Platform Portal. U fall onto a Platform an there is a unique Boss, if u finish it u fall on the next one and theres another one. Every 3 Bosses you can pick a Portal if you reach it in time. Otherwise you fall deeper. Every 6 Bosses is a Vendor Guy with Blackmarket Items what get just rolled after you buyed it. So you cant really see what you buy before you are doeing it.

Have Fun,


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